Dog behavior, Five Steps to Stopping Unwanted Behavior   

Is your dog driving you crazy that you’re thinking about getting dog trainers? Chewing on your favorite sandals, jumping on your guests, begging for food when you’re having a fabulous dinner with your friends – these are just some of the annoying behaviors you want your dog to get rid of. But is it possible? Can you change your dog? The answer is yes. You love your dogs but they can be annoying once they show unwanted behaviors. Dogs, just like humans, also exhibit their fair share of vexing behavior but the good news is that you can change habits that you consider unacceptable through dog training. Here’s what you can do:

Train Your Dog

You can’t just sit, pray, and hope that it will get better because if you do that, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The next day and the day after that, your dog will behave the same. It takes consistent training to be able to tame your dog and curb their bad behavior. One of the secrets to a well-behaved dog is teaching them how to sit, lie down, and come. You may think that these tricks are not linked to chewing and jumping problems but as you go along with the training, little by little, you’ll be surprised that your dog will improve. Try to introduce a command every three to four days and then move on to the next once your dog masters it.

Give Your Dog Time To Exercise

Humans aren’t the only ones who need exercise. You should let your dogs exercise from time to time so that they can release their pent-up energy. Let them run free in the backyard or give your dog a ten to fifteen-minute walk in the neighborhood. If your dog isn’t able to expend its energy it will channel its energy into something else like chewing on furniture legs or shoes, etc. If you have a puppy, be warned that they are more energetic than adult dogs so you may need to increase their level of exercise. It’s also worth mentioning that your dog’s breed will influence the activity level it needs.

Stop Your Pup From Practicing Bad Behaviors

If you don’t want your pup to chew on your shoes, hide them and keep them in a safe place. Don’t display your shoes right in front of your pup especially if you haven’t trained it enough. If you have houseplants, pick them off the floor and place them on a piece of elevated furniture. It’s easier to stop bad habits from forming if you prevent them rather than correct them.

Reward Your Dog For Obeying

Dogs will repeat a certain behavior if it gets rewarded. For some reason, this is hardwired into their systems. Whenever they are rewarded they will repeat what they did in the hopes of getting another reward whether it’s in the form of food, a toy, or a leisurely walk. So, don’t skimp on rewards. If your dog does something good, let it know you are pleased by rewarding it.

Be Consistent With Your Training

Training your dog will only work if everyone in the household follows the same rules. For example, if you teach your dog not to beg but your wife or daughter feeds it then it will continue to beg but if everyone in your family ignores your dog, it will learn that begging is not something you appreciate.


Dogs create habits and once these habits are set, it can be difficult to get rid of them, which is why we encourage you to train your pup while it hasn’t developed any habits yet. You form their habits by teaching and disciplining them. Sure, it may take some time but with perseverance and patience, you’ll find that the results are worthwhile.