Ground Thawing Equipment Guide

The frozen ground comes with a lot of problems for your yard. If you have plants or even plan on doing a project during the winter, it is advisable to be prepared for the cold temperature to ensure minimum disruptions. Additionally, frozen ground can spell disaster for your underground utilities, such as pipes and cables. Thawing frozen ground or thaw soil is a good solution to ensure that any materials on the ground stay dry and that any workers you have working on a project are protected from extreme cold.

Here is a guide to ground thawing equipment.

1. Ground Heater

These come in portable units and thaw frozen earth, allowing the soil to get softer. If you need to excavate the yard and do not want to damage the equipment by digging in frozen dirt, then a ground heater is the best option. Hydronic ground heaters are the most common. They consist of a blower fan, a pump, a boiler, and a long hose pump that has a mixture of propylene glycol.

When heating the frozen ground, the long hose is placed on the ground in evenly spaced loops. The mixture is heated in the boiler and pumped through the hose to heat the ground. The blower fan then blows hot air over the area to keep it from freezing. The best part about ground heaters is that they can cover large areas sufficiently while enabling minimum heat loss. The heaters also provide warmth for any crew working on a project as they keep the air in the vicinity warm.

2. Ground Thaw Heater Pads

These heating pads are the best way to thaw ground that needs landscaping. If you would rather not postpone your projects until the winter is over, then these will provide a great solution. They melt snow and frost and also keep engines warm so that any construction equipment works even when it is extremely cold. They also ensure that any liquids being used flow easily as they are prone to freezing. Ground thaw heater pads come in different sizes, which means that you can choose whichever size suits you.

3. Ground Thaw Heater Blankets

These are electric blankets used to warm frozen ground or certain pieces of equipment that may freeze during construction. The heated blanket is effective in removing ground frost. The blanket is placed on the ground and covered by a vapor barrier and also by an insulating blanket. This ground thawing equipment is perfect for thawing frozen ground as it can thaw 6 inches of frozen ground in a day.

Ground thaw heater blankets can be used when you are working on a landscape project that requires concrete. Since concrete must cure once poured, freezing temperatures are not good for curing. Frozen concrete can develop cracks or unevenness when the foundation dries. Ground thaw heater blankets prevent this issue and provide enough heat for the concrete to cure effectively.

The ground thawing equipment is also great for de-icing sidewalks and thawing snow in frozen pipes. You do not need to have a project to get the equipment. If the ground around your yard freezes and causes burst pipes and frozen sidewalks, then it is advisable to invest in the equipment.

Ground thawing is mandatory at certain times as some projects cannot be completed in spring. If you do not wish to see the projects delayed, it is worth looking into the best equipment for the project you need. Thawed materials are easier to use and will save the construction crew a lot of time. Fortunately, with most ground thawing equipment, even a small-sized blanket can work on a pile of sand.

Author: Herman Post

Herman Post is the owner of Heat-n-Go, which provides complete managed temporary heat services to the construction industry - removing frost in days, curing concrete or protection from deep freeze.